Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunseri's Pizza - Baldwin

2805 Custer Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15227
(412) 885-8833

Sunseri's is a long time family favorite with consistently good pizza and menu items. Established in 1974, Sunseri's is a small take-out only pizzaria. It sits on the top of a hill on the Baldwin/Carrick border across from St. Wendelin's Church - said to be the highest point in Allegheny County - which means that if you have to wait for your pizza, you can enjoy the great views of Oakland and downtown Pittsburgh!

The crust is made fresh daily and is rolled by hand, and hand tossed - which sometimes makes for charmingly uneven crusts. The crust is a round, traditional Pittsburgh style, with a chewy top layer and a crisp bottom.

Sunseri's pizza sauce is also made fresh daily. It is a thick, rich sauce with lots of tomato flavor, with hints of oregano and a nice amount of spiciness. Although the proportions of the pizza are fine, I like a lot of sauce (and their sauce in particular) so usually ask for extra sauce on the pizza.

The chefs also have a very generous hand with the cheese and toppings!

Sunseri's has an extensive menu and the menu items are very reasonably priced. Some of our other favorites are the steak or meatball hoagies, wing dings and fried mushrooms. I tried the onion rings for the first time last week and they were excellent! Sunseri's meatballs are also freshly made - they don't take the easy way out and use frozen meatballs the way some restaurants do.

If you plan to order your pizza to eat while watching a Steelers game, be aware that Sunseri's opens at 4:00 p.m. on Sundays. If the Steelers are playing a late game, you're in, but if it's an early game you might be enjoying your pizza while watching another team play.

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    Love Pizza. It may be my fav food!

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