Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Diamond Pizza @ PNC Park

Diamond Pizza (formerly Vincents)
Pittsburgh, PA

This is a review from a guest blogger.  Thank you!

"My friend Norm and I went to the Pirates game a couple of weeks ago; the one that had the Steve Miller concert afterward.  Lo and behold, we saw that they sold pizza there at Diamond Pizza.

"It was the end of the seventh inning and I knew I had to try that pizza.  It was three stories down and to the right, in the first floor out field area.  Long walk.  Then it started to rain.  Perfect timing, I thought.  We went in to get the pizza and asked a few questions while we were waiting.  The man working there said that everything is made fresh every day.  I believe him, because it looked very fresh.  The pizza was evenly covered in cheese and a nice amount of sauce, too.  I ordered the plain; my friend got the pepperoni. 

"Everything was great, except that I wanted to take a picture and forgot my camera ... which was three stories up, back at my seat!  That meant carrying my pizza and going back to my seat in the pouring rain.  Do you know how hard it is to do that, carrying it through thousands of people, and trying to keep your pizza dry?  And not take a single bite?  Anyway, I got my camera and snapped a photo.  Not the best one, out on the ramp with everybody else, but the pizza held its own.  Sorry for the thumb.

"Great multi-cheese taste, a mild sauce, and not too greasy.  We liked it.

"And Steve Miller was pretty good, too."
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