Friday, August 13, 2010

Pizza Warehouse at Kennywood

It wouldn't be summer without a trip to Kennywood!  We made our annual visit earlier this week.  It was late when we arrived, so we went with the less expensive "Nightrider" ticket option.  Since it was late, we were also pretty hungry,  we walked past the new Sky Rocket roller coaster (I miss the Turnpike!) and headed straight for the first pizza that we found.  That happened to be the Pizza Warehouse, which is located near the Ferris Wheel.   I have to admit that I wasn't expecting very much from the pizza, but as it turns out, I liked it!  The pizzas are already made, so we weren't able to ask for our usual extra sauce and light cheese - as you can see, our pizza arrived covered in thick, luscious cheese that turned out to be quite tasty.  The crust was decent, and I especially liked the edges, which were a crisp and had a good flavor.

We thought we'd try some of the other pizzas at Kennywood, but didn't taste any others that night.  The personal pizzas at Lost Kennywood looked especially good and we'll try one next time ... maybe for a Fright Night visit? 

We also stood in line for over half an hour at the Potato Patch and the line hardly moved.  A gorgeous woman in front of us kept stalking off and returning impatiently to the line.  She finally turned to her boyfriend and said "I am just not getting what I want."  (Whenever I have my own diva moments, I just think to myself , "I am just not getting what I want" and laugh.)   On the other hand, I was just not getting what I wanted either!  When half an hour stretched into 45 minutes and the line wasn't getting much shorter, we left and went to the food pavilion and ordered french fries with cheese.  And you know what?  They were awesome! 

But back to pizza!  Was the Pizza Warehouse pizza as good as our favorite handmade pizzeria pizzas?  No, but for a sweet summer night, it was just perfect.

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