Saturday, January 9, 2010

DiGiorno's New 200 Calorie Pizza - Tomato and Cheese

With so many fresh pizza options in Pittsburgh, I don't often eat frozen pizza - but in the winter it's not easy to get around, and hard to get delivery to my hilly, snow covered neighborhood. I was happy to find a coupon for DiGiorno's new 200 Calorie Pizza and even happier when I found it on sale at Giant Eagle - bringing the total price down to $1!

DiGiorno's 200 Calorie Pizza comes in three flavors -  Chicken with Peppers & Onion, Pepperoni, and Cheese & Tomato.  I chose Cheese & Tomato.  I was surprised that the box contained two 200 calorie pizzas and that, well, they were rather small.  Each individual pizza is rectangular and about 6" long x 3" wide.

They suggest two different preparation methods - microwave or traditional oven.  I tried both methods and, although I appreciate the ease and speed of a microwave pizza, the oven method produced a better crust.

The thin crust was very good - when cooked in the microwave, it was slightly tough, but when cooked in the oven it was crispy and even seemed to taste better.  The sauce had a herby flavor with lots of garlic and large chunks of tomato.  The pizzas were topped with loads of gooey and good mozzarella cheese.

The pizza was very good for a frozen option, especially at the bargain sale price ... but it just wasn't big enough!  I had intended to only eat one of the pizzas, but after eating one slice, I was still hungry.  I started to wonder how many calories are in a typical slice of pizzeria pizza and how many total are in the three slices or so that I usually eat.  Maybe I'd rather just enjoy and not know.

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