Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year and Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who has visited our blog this year, made comments and suggestions, or just read it and enjoyed.  Thank you, too, to Google for offering Blogger for free - that's awesome!  Not much is free these days and I appreciate it.

We started our Pizza Pizzazz blog earlier this year on a whim.  It had been a tough year and we wanted something fun to do, and pizza - since it is one of our favorite things - seemed like a good subject for us.  We thought it would be fun, but didn't realize how much fun it actually would be - we've had a blast!  Our pizza research has taken us in many directions, some very unexpected.  For example, we knew would like Fiori's, Danny's and DiSalla's pizza - people raved about them to us.  What we didn't expect was to find such an excellent pizza at Spartan Pizza in Brentwood, or at Foli's in Braddock Hills.  We had more fun than we ever expected tasting the pizza at the Grandview Buffet at the Rivers Casino, Heinz Field, and also at Kennywood - although we forgot to take photos and write the review.  It will just give us an excuse to go back and try it again when the park opens in the Spring!  We also were delighted to discover the Pizza Cone at Pino Gelato in Hilton Head Island, SC on our fall vacation - we expected it to be a gimmick, but it was amazing and delicious.

We have been researching Pittsburgh pizzas to try in 2010, and have been gathering recipes to test.   We'd love to hear from you and find out where you think the best pizzas are in Pittsburgh.

And once again, thank you, and best wishes for 2010!

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