Sunday, April 4, 2010

Glutino Gluten-Free Spinach & Feta Cheese Pizza

My favorite sister called me this week to rave about Glutino's Gluten-Free Spinach and Feta Cheese Pizza - she said it is absolutely the best frozen pizza she has ever tried, gluten-free or not.   She reports that the crust is light and crispy with a good crunch, and that the filling is luscious, cheesy and absolutely delicious.  My sister has a sophisticated palate and is an awesome cook, so when she says something is good ... believe it.

Glutino's website describes the pizza as "topped with spinach and a blend of feta, mozzarella and ricotta cheese" with a "crispy, flakey" crust.  Glutino has three other varieties of gluten-free pizzas:  Spinach Soy Cheese Pizza with Brown Rice Crust,  3 Cheese Pizza with Brown Rice Crust, and BBQ Chicken Pizza.   Glutino products are available at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s among other stores.

Sis also reports that Mom's Take and Bake Pizza offers a gluten free crust, and we plan to do a taste test when we visit her a little later this spring.  
In the Pittsburgh area, Mandy's and Pizza Fusion both offer gluten free pizzas, but I have not yet tried either - both menus look wonderful, so I hope to try them soon.

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