Monday, March 15, 2010

Veltre's Pizza Update

Last week we had a chance to revisit Veltre's - one of our top favorite pizzas - to try the meatball hoagie.  It was excellent!  The large meatballs were fresh and homemade, the Mancini bun outstanding, and it had the perfect ratio of flavorful tomato sauce and provolone cheese. 

We also tried an order of french fries and fried mushrooms.  The fries were small and crisp and among the best fries we have ever eaten.  I ordered the fried mushrooms and they were perfect, also - juicy inside with a firm and tasty crust.  The orders of fries and mushrooms were both huge and we weren't able to even come close to finishing them, so I am happy to report that they both reheat well.

We're big fans of Veltre's!

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